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馮炳全博士 (Dr. Philip Fung)

Dr. Philip Fung is a seasoned human resources consultant and has more than 30 years experience in leadership development and organizational development. In the last 15 years, his focus was to assist NGOs in strategic planning and service innovation by using his knowledge & experience at senior management level of three listed companies Tse Sui Luen Jewellery Group, Group Sense and Bossini Group.

Through his interaction with social workers, middle and senior management of NGOs, he recognized the growing and unfilled needs of elderly, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. As Hong Kong moved further into an aging society, Dr. Fung is leading some pioneering initiatives in the prevention of stroke and dementia.

In addition, Dr. Fung has been invited to tailor-made the Strategic planning training program for more than twenty NGOs such as Yan Oi Tong. Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service, The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation to meet the ever-changing welfare needs of our society.


馮博士在策略規劃方面有豐富的教學及實戰經驗,他除了曾協助多間非政府機構,包括仁愛堂、香港路德會社會服務處、香港家庭計劃指導會及香港復康會制訂策略規劃外,   更連續三年為中文大學社工系教授策略規劃課程。




  1. 「心如靜水」- 靜觀為本的時間管理系課程
  2. 社會服務機構「策略規劃」流程優化工作坊
  3. Professional Certificate in Executive Leadership & Management for NGOs

時間管理四象限 - 第一節

時間管理四象限 - 第二節

Coaching - 第一節

Coaching - 第二節

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