ICF Level 1 Certification -

Positive Coach Leader Program

(ICF-ACC Pathway)

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Positive Coach Leader

An ICF Level 1 Accreditation Program

Our Positive Coach Leader is the next generation coaching program which harnesses the power of Positive Relationships and Emotional Intelligence which are highly sought

after in the current and Future of the Workplace. Recent research confirms that coaching creates positive workplaces which are ultimately more productive, agile, innovative, are

able to retain talent and more profitable.

Course Objective:

Our program has been designed to meet ICF Level 1 Accreditation and is intended to provide participants with coach education that is accredited by ICF Coaching Education.

The program is 64 hours and is designated pathway to becoming an ACC credentialed coach with ICF.

Graduates from a Level 1 education and training programs may apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential using the Level 1 application path if they meet the credentialing requirements.

This program is delivered in Cantonese.


What is ICF Level 1, 2 & 3 Accreditation?

In 2022 - 2023 ICF is updating their accreditation structure to replace the previous ACTP and ACSTH with levels tied to ICF Credentialing pathways. Read about this Evolution of the ICF Accreditation here.

  • Level 1 Accreditation (formerly ACSTH) is at least 60 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the ACC Credential.
  • Level 2 Accreditation (formerly ACTP) is at least 125 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the PCC Credential.
  • Level 3 Accreditation, a brand-new offering, offers at least 75 advanced contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the MCC Credential.

NB: All new ICF Accredited Coaching programs will use the Level 1, 2 & 3 structure. Legacy ACTP and ACSTH programs will have to transition to the new Level 1, 2, & 3 in 2022 - 2023.




Program structure

Structure of 64 hours of professional coach training:

48 hours of contact hours via virtual/zoom including Learning Lab and Practical Lab;
16 hours self-paced Learning & Peer to Peer Practicum (including learning assignments and 1-on-1 mentor coaching). Total = 64 hours.

 1. Positive Coach Leader Essentials: 12 hours of Learning Lab + 4 hours of Practical Lab  (Total 16 hours) 

  • Date & Time: 11 & 18 Aug, 2024 (Sunday) 0900-1800
  • Venue: HKSPT
  • Mode: Virtual Face to Face

 2. Learning Lab: 12 hours + Practical Lab: 4 hours (Total 16 hours) 

  • Date & Time: 1 & 18 Sep, 2024 (Sunday & Public Holiday) 0900-1800
  • Venue: HKSPT
  • Mode: Virtual Face to Face

3. Practical Lab  (Total 16 hours)

  • Date: 24/9, 26/9, 8/10, 10/10, 15/10, 29/10, 31/10 & 5/11/2024 (Tue & Thu)
  • Time: 8pm – 10pm
  • 8 weekday evenings Virtual over Zoom

4. Self-paced Learning & Peer to Peer Practicum (Total 16 hours)

  • Sep – Dec 2024


International Recognition Certificate

The program is 64 hours and is designated pathway to becoming an ACC credentialed coach with ICF.

Upon completing all the course requirements, you will earn the certification Positive Coach Leader, the ICF Accredited Level 1 Coach Education Program, which would support you in your application for your ICF-ACC Credential.

Application of Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Issued by International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential-holders are trained (64+ hours) and experienced (100+ hours) coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through a rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients. The ACC must be renewed every three years.



  • Professional Coach & Facilitator
  • Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Master Coach and Certified Trainer (American Board of NLP)
  • Master Trainer of DISC Flow® (DISC Asia Pacific)
  • Certified Box Facilitator (InnoGreat)
  • Certified Points of You Coaching Card Expert (POY)
  • Certified Hogan Practitioner (Hogan Assessments)
  • Certified Coaching Clinic® Facilitator (Corporate Coach U)
  • Master Coach and Certified Trainer DISC Flow (DISC Asia Pacific)
  • Certified DiSC Trainer (Everything DiSC)
  • Certified GENOS EI Leadership Coach (GENOS)
  • Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA Australia)
  • Director of Training in Hong Kong for (CMA) Coach Masters Academy,
  • Founding member of IAF (International Association of Facilitators) Hong Kong Chapter,
  • Member of HKIHRM (Hong Kong Institute of HR Management), APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches), and the HKICC (Hong Kong International Coaching Community).

Program Content 

1. Positive Coach Leader Essentials (Sun)  ** 11 & 18 Aug 2024 (9am-6pm) Face to Face

1.1  Coaching Essentials:

  • The Why and the What of Professional Coaching
  • The Evolution and Generations of Coaching
  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset, and the Coach Mindset

 1.2       The Emerging Credentialed Coach:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Definition & Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence in Coaching
1.3        The Developing Credentialed Coach:

  • The Positive Coach-Client Relationship
  • Coach Presence
  • Active & Deeper Listening

1.4        Practical Lab:

  • Practical Lab House Rules & Set Up
  • Coaching Practice Supervised by ICF Credentialed Coach
  • Feedback
  • Key Learnings & Conclusion


2. Learning Lab + PracticalLab (Sun & PH)  **1 & 18 Sep 2024 (9am-6pm)  Face to Face

2.1 Coaching Essentials:

  • Coaching and Other Similar Professions
  • Professional Boundaries of Coaching

2.2  The Emerging Credentialed Coach:

  • The ICF Core Competencies
  • The Road Map to ICF Credentials
  • Positivity, Trust and Psychological Safety

2.3  The Developing Credentialed Coach:

  • Evoking Awareness
  • Cultivating Learning and Growth

2.4    The Practicing Credentialed Coach:

  • The Coaching Process
  • Coaching Models


2.5  Practical Lab:

  • Coaching Practice Supervised by ICF Credentialed Coach
  • Feedback
  • Key Learnings & Conclusion


3.  Eight 2-hours Practical Lab 

**24/9, 26/9, 8/10, 10/10, 15/10, 29/10, 31/10 & 5/11/2024  (8pm-10pm)  Virtual over Zoom 

  • Practical Lab
  • Practical Lab House Rules & Set Up
  • Coaching Practice Supervised by ICF Credentialed Coach
  • Feedback


4. Self-paced Learning & Peer to Peer Practicum Sep – Dec 2024

  • 1,000 words research paper with professional coaching theme
  • Peer to Peer Practicum
  • 30 minutes coaching recording with transcript at ICF ACC Level
  • 1 on 1 Mentor Coaching


Course Details

Date :    11/8/2024 (Sun) Course Start

Target : 

This program is highly suitable for

  •  Managers and leaders looking to expand their capacity to apply coaching skills in their work context to achieve sustainable results
  • Individuals aspiring to help others to experience deep and lasting change
  • Anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the science to create a powerful perspective shift

Course Fee: 

  • Course Fee: HK$ 33,000-
  • Limited Time Offer : Register on or before 16 July 2024 : HK$28,000- 
  • Special for HKSPT Coaching Graduate: HK$25,000- [please contact our admin staff at 31110264, Elaine Wong, for registration}

Venue : 

  • HKSPT Conference Room + Zoom
  • HKSPT Conference Room: 202-204A, Two Harbourfront, Hung Hom, KLN, HK (Whampoa MTR Station Exit D2)
  • 地圖位置 MAP

Language : Cantonese supplemented with English (Teaching materials are mainly in English)

Course Mode : Lecture (Face to Face + Zoom), group discussion, demonstration, and case sharing


  1. Payment by Cheque : Please send completed registration form with a cross cheque payable to “Hong Kong Society of Professional Training” to 202-204A, Two Harbourfront, Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  1. Payment by Bank-in / Fast Payment Service (FPS) 轉數快 / PayMe  Please bank in the course fee to our bank account with “Bank of China (HK) Ltd” 中銀香港A/C No: 012-890-1-038-682-9. or FPS (轉數快): 8835217 / PayMe : Please scan our QR Code and keep the payment record of PayMe screenshots.  Please send the completed registration form and Bank in slip/ Capture Slip to Hong Kong Society of Professional Training either by email (PDF) to ask@hkspt.org  or by fax: 852-21257900
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For enquiry :  please contact our staff at 3111 0264 or Click Here to contact us.

Important Notes: 

  1.  The course confirmation will be sent to participants via email at least 2 weeks before the course, please contact us if you do not receive any notification.
  2.  All registration will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
  3. Once registration has submitted, it cannot be refunded and canceled for any reason.
  4. All requests for any change of registration must be given in a written form for approval. An administration fee of HK$200 will be charged for any processing request.
  5.  Official receipt will be issued on the first day of the course. Re-issue of official receipt will be charged HK$50.
  6. If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us on www.hkspt.org or 3111 0264.