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Certificate Course in
Inside-Out Persuasion

由 內 而 外 的 說 服 力 證 書 課 程

Unleashing your ability for Ethical Persuasion!
For Healthy and Authentic Persuasion




Are you effective, elegant, charming, and authentic in your persuasion?

Do your friends say that you are a highly persuasive person? How persuasive are you?

How much better would your life be if you were more persuasive?

How much more persuasive would you like to become in communicating?

How persuasive are you in influencing your own thinking, feeling, deciding, and acting so you can do what you want to do?

Course Description

Inside-Out Persuasion integrates persuasion with personal responsibility to make it ethical, human, and authentic; de-mystifies persuasion as it details the actual processes of persuasion; situates persuasion as a tool to more effectively relate and communicate, with grace and elegance; positions; and presenting your best ideas in compelling and respectful ways.

Inside-Out Persuasion comes from a win/win heart of compassion and conviction. It starts with self-persuasion. Can you persuade yourself to follow through and do what you want to do? Would you like to?

It influences others with elegance and charm. Want to be more charming in your influence?

It wins the minds and hearts of people and creates win/win arrangements.

It mobilizes decision and action for collaborative efforts.

In the 3-day training, discover how persuasion works and multiple strategies for influencing people in a highly ethical way. Begin the process for becoming a highly persuasive person to improve your leadership and communications.

Course Objective

  • influence more effectively
  • add meaningfulness to meaning
  • influence your clients and customers
  • create a persuasion message
  • influence people to influence themselves

Course Content

  • Authentic Inside-Out Persuasion
  • The Meaning of Persuasion
  • Your Persuasion Matrix
  • The Persuasion Strategy
  • The Stages of Persuasion
  • Handling Persuasive Problem

Dr. L. Michael Hall, PH.D.

Neuro-Semantics Executive Director 

The co-founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-CoachTM Foundation (MCF), Michael, is the Academic Director and Researcher for the MCF and has authored and published more than 50 books. He is a developer, researcher, coach, international trainer and prolific author in the Cognitive Sciences. He has developed the most cutting-edge new concepts in NLP and NS today, the Meta-States Model, Matrix Model, and co-developed the Axes of Change Model.

Michael Hall

Course Details

Date :  1-3/9/2017 (Fri.-Sun.)   

Time :  9:00am – 6:00pm (8 hours/day, total of 24 hours)

Venue : Hilltop Country Club, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

Language :  English

Target :  Social workers, counselors, psychologists, health-care professionals, teachers, as well as allied health professionals or anyone interested

Course Mode :  Lecture, group discussion, group practice & case sharing

Course Fee :  HK$6,630-

Special Offer :  HK$6,240- before 31/07/2017

Other Discount :Enroll “Group meta coach” with “Inside-out persuasion”, HK$11,700

Accreditation :

  • Nurse (CNE) : 24 points
  • Social Worker (CPD) : 24 points 
  • Occupational Therapist (CPD) :  To be confirmed

Certificate :  Certificate of Attendance

Registration :

  1. Payment by Cheque : Please send completed registration form with a cross cheque payable to “Hong Kong Society of Professional Training” to 202-204A, Two Harbourfront, Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  2. Payment by Bank-in : Please bank in the course fee to our bank account with “Bank of China (HK) Ltd“, A/C: 012-890-1-038-682-9, please send the completed enrollment form and bank-in slip to us by email (PDF) or by FAX: 852-2125 7900. We will confirm through email within 1 week, please contact us if you did not receive any confirmation.
  3. Macau Payment : Please click this link for details
  4. Overseas payment : Click Here to contact us.

For enquiry : For enquiry, please contact our staff at 3111 0264 or Click Here to contact us.

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