NFPS Refresher (Dec 2017)


NFPS Trainer Refresher Course 

Restraint & Breakaway Instructor Refresher and Accreditation Course
by NFPS UK, Class 10

Training at a higher level for Workplace Personal Safely



The main aim of the Course is to refresh and qualify you with a Licensed Award in Physical Restraint & Breakaway Techniques Instruction, making you a professionally qualified Physical Intervention Instructor with a licensed certificate issued by a UK leading specialists in conflict risk management and personal safety training consultancy. This course also offers updated and advanced technical training from very low level and least intrusive interventions, suitable for staff who may have to deal with vulnerable young people or vulnerable adults, through to the more restrictive level holds required for staff who have to deal with a much higher degree of challenging behavior or more aggressive and violent behavior.

Course Outline

  1. Refresh the Laws Govern the Use of Physical Force for Restraint
  2. Refresh the techniques of Least Restrictive / Non-harmful Methods of Control / High level intervention / Breakaway Techniques
  3. Update you with the humanistic approaches and advanced technical skills on managing low level intensity of challenging / violent behavior

Principal Trainer :

Mr. Lawrence Chu

  • National Coach Tutor and Hong Kong Representative (NFPS UK)
  • Certified Trainer, The Mandt System ® (US) (2011-2015)
  • Master of Social Science in Counseling (Uni. SA)
  • Licensed NLP* Trainer (SNLPTM)
  • Licensed Medical NLP* Health Practitioner (MNLP UK)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist Instructor (NHG) 
  • Registered Nurse (Psychiatric)
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach® (ISNS)
  • Registered Corporate Coach (WABC)
  • Licensed Facilitator, The Coaching Clinic ® (CCUI)
  • Accredited Family Mediator (HKMAAL) 2013-2014


Guest Trainer

Mr. Patrick Tsang 曾慶東律師 

  • JD (CUHK) 法律博士 (香港中文大學)

  • PCLL (CUHK)法學專業證書 (香港中文大學)

  • MBBS (Syd)內外全科醫學士 (澳洲悉尼大學)

  • MSc Psych Assessment (Lond) 心理評估碩士 (英國倫敦大學)

  • B Nursing (Nctle) 護理學士



Course Details

Date :  20/12/2017 (Wednesday)  < Full >

Time :  9:30am – 5:30pm (7 hours)

Venue : 

  • Federation of Hong Kong Industries
  • FHKI - 31/F, Billion Plaza I, 8 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon (5 minutes walk from Lai Chi Kok Station Exit D2)
  • 九龍 長沙灣 長裕街 8 號 億京廣場 第一期 31樓 FHKI 培訓室  (荔枝角港鐵站 D2 出口步行約 3 分鐘)
  • 地圖位置 MAP


  • For Current  NFPS / HKSPT Licensed Trainers only
  • NFPS /HKSPT Accreditation Certificate that has expired for a period exceeding 2 year is not renewable by this course. In that case, if you wish to re-obtain a NFPS / HKSPT Accreditation Certificate, you will be required to attend our 3-Day Refresher updating program and re-take all assessments again.

Language :  Cantonese supplement with English (Teaching materials are mainly in English)

Course Mode :  Lecture, discussion, practical exercise

Course Fee$1,680-

Accreditation Fee

  • *£120- (HK$1,200-) Free of charge for Current NFPS/HKSPT Accredited Trainer made registration on or before 1/10/2017.

         * Including UK Value Added Tax and Administrative Charge. 

  • For Expired NFPS / HKSPT Trainer (Expired for a period less than 2 year): The National Federation for Personal Safety, NFPS Ltd, UK ”Re-obtain Certificate & Accreditation Fee: £200 (HK$2,000-) Including UK Value Added Tax and Administrative Charge)

Professional Accreditation :

  • Occupational Therapist (CPD) : 3 points (BP17068)
  • Nurse (CNE) : 7 points
  • Social Worker (CPD) : 7 points 

Certificate : Two certificates will be issued to participants who have attended 100% of the sessions and have completed all performance assessment in according with the standards of NFPS, UK:

  1. Certificate of “Licensed Physical Restraint & Breakaway Instructor” issued by “Hong Kong Society of Professional Training”
  2. Eligible to renew for One Year certificate of “Restraint and Breakaway Instructor Accreditation”, issued by “The National Federation for Personal Safety, NFPS Ltd, UK” 


1. Payment by Cheque

  • Please send completed registration form with a cross cheque payable to “Hong Kong Society of Professional Training” to 202-204A, Two Harbourfront, Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

2. Payment by Bank-in

  • Please bank in the course fee to our bank account with “Bank of China (HK) Ltd“, A/C: 012-890-1-038-682-9, please send the completed enrollment form and bank-in slip to us by email (PDF) or by FAX: 852-2125 7900. We will confirm through email within 1 week, please contact us if you did not received any confirmation.

For enquiry, please contact our staff at 3111 0264 or click here to contact us.



Testimonial from a World Leading Expert on the Use of Force and Personal Safety Training & Consultancy

Lawrence is one of life’s good guys. He is someone I would trust explicitly as he believes in doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. Lawrence has invested in your training and development through his approach to his own investment in what he knows which has resulted in him traveling the world to source and train with some of the world’s best in their chosen fields. His journey of endeavour and quest for excellence will undoubtedly help you start on your journey, as he has already walked the path that you are now choosing to follow. As one great person once said: “We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.” 

If you are looking for a new start then it is always best to follow in the footsteps of a wise and knowledgeable traveller. That is what we do when we choose our holidays, why not do the same when we make other life choices. My recommendation is to let Lawrence be your guide.

Mark Dawes, UK Expert on the Use of Force and Published Author.


朱德俊先生 (Mr. Lawrence Chu) 是大中華區目前唯一同時接受美國  (The Mandt System®, US) 及 英國 (The National Federation of Personal Safety, NFPS UK) 處理工作間暴力事故培訓資歷之導師,亦是首位獲英國 NFPS UK 授權可直接頒發導師認證 ” Train the Trainer ” 的華人導師。在中國、香港、澳門及加拿大,已舉辦超過 400 場次相關工作坊及教授超過 10,000 人次學習如何處理暴力行為及人際衝突事故。


Chick here to the List of Licensed NFPS Trainers in Hong Kong

  答 :

問題一:  專業導師為什麼需要持續進修及認證 (Instructor Refresher Course & Accreditation)

  • 所有持有英國 NFPS「Restraint & Breakaway Instructor Accreditation」的導師認證有效期為一年,發證機構為確保導師符合最新安全指引、典範實務 「BEST PRACTICE 」及專業水平,要求所有導師必須每年參與持續進修 (refresher course)  及 通過評核 (Assessment),經評核合格後再獲年度認可證書(Accreditation)。
  • 時實上,隨著研究結果累積,很多以前認為「有效」的介入手法可能已經證明為「無效」,甚至「危險」。在知識爆炸年代,很多新知識和研究都會出現,「畢業」的導師必須透過持續進修,吸收新知識,才能與時並進。不進則退,一個如此顯淺的道理,不用多說,作為一位負責任及專業的導師,持續進修肯定是不能迴避的,理由很簡單,導師怎樣確保其學員擁有最新的知識及有效的介入手法?如果一個導師的知識是「經年不變」,對培訓的發展肯定是倒退,對學生的學習肯定是災難性的!
  • Chick here to the List of Licensed NFPS Trainers in Hong Kong

問題二:  為何要選擇持有年度認證資格導師執教?

  • 根據暴力行為控制及脫身法培訓的典範實務 「BEST PRACTICE 」,英國 NFPS 標準為每年必須重修及通過評核,而美國 The Mandt System ® 標準為每兩年必須重修及通過評核。
  • 最新研究報告,部份舊有的脫身法及控制法技巧並未能符合英國及美國的安全標準,容易做成職員、服務使用者受傷或死亡,已不建議醫護人員使用,個別技巧亦在英國及美國嚴禁使用。
  • 為確保所學的技巧為最新及符合相關安全指引,我們建議機構 / 學員使用持有年度認證的導師。事實上,我們學會已更新及停止教授 2008-2012 年的大部份脫身法技巧及控制法,以符合英國和美國相關指引及安全指數。

問題三:  請問如何查證導師符合年度認可資格?

  • 持有年度英國 NFPS 認可培訓機構名稱 (Licensed Centre)已刊載在英國 NFPS 網頁: NFPS Licensed Centres List 歡迎按此查看
  • 參與機構亦可向服務提供者要求查看導師是否持有年度認可證書 (Accreditation Certificate / Refresher Certificate),確保質素。
  • 本學會全部導師通過年度英國 NFPS 評核,並領有認可證書,歡迎各機構查詢。
  • 請按此查看香港 NFPS 認證導師名冊: Click here to the List of Licensed Trainers in Hong Kong

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