Coaching Mastery for ACMC Credentials HK 2019

Certificate in Coaching Mastery for Caring Professionals

Coaching Mastery Training leading to Award in

Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ISNS

By Dr. L. Michael Hall, PH.D.




This advanced training module culminates in 8-day of coach-specific education. It is ideal for those wanting to become a professional coach, or those committed to personal development and self-mastery. It will equip you with cutting-edge skills and business strategies for coaching in any or all of the following coaching specialties:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal – Life Coaching
  • Organisational – Group Coaching
  • Self Coaching

Course Objective

This transformational eight-day training program will challenge you to grow into power in the following three areas:


The main aim of the Course is to qualify you with an Award in Associate Certified Meta-Coach, making you a professionally qualified Coach with an international recognized certificate issued by a ISNS.

Course Content

  1. Introducing Meta-Coaching
  2. Facilitation Model
  3. The Benchmarking Model
  4. The Psychology of Coaching
  5. Coaching To the Matrix
  6. Coaching Transformation
  7. The Business of Coaching
  8. The Meta-Coaching Brand

Coaching as a discipline is –

  1. Communication — a conversation like none other that focuses exclusively on an individual’s best dreams and hopes for a more compelling future.
  2. Unconscious back-of-the-mind communication that elicits the mental and emotional frames which govern the one’s experience that gets to the heart of things.
  3. Generative change — that takes an individual to his/her next level of development and transformation.
  4. The implementation of the change — so that the solution or new performance can be actualized and the progress that makes can then be measured.
  5. Systemic thinking and working — so that the conversation and change are holistic and healthy for every aspect of life.
  6. The self-actualizing of one’s highest and best potentials — so that moves to the next level of development and success and unleashes potentials.
  7. The facilitation of all of these dynamic processes — a conversation that enables an individual to find, access, and mobilize his/her best resources for making the change real.

Models for a Meta-Coach for Effective Coaching

  1. The NLP Communication Model
  2. The Meta-States Model of Reflexivity
  3. The Axes of Change; The Crucible
  4. Benchmarking Model; Mind-to-Muscle Pattern
  5. The Matrix Model
  6. Self-Actualization Quadrants
  7. The Facilitation Model

Benefits of the Meta-Coach System

  1. Achieve the Status of an ACMC (Associate Certified Meta-Coach): Everybody graduates in the course will receive the ACMC Certification as a Meta-Coach. The certificate is an International Certificate that associates you with a thousand other Meta-Coaches around the world
  2. Competency Benchmarks: While the ICF and other Coach trainings also have “Coaching Skills,” Meta-Coaching is the first Coach Training System that has benchmarked the skills. You will also learn the Benchmarking Model and this will enable you to be able to set up measurements for individuals and organizations for measuring progress
  3. Become a Self-Actualization Coach: Meta-Coaching provides you the basics of Self-Actualization Psychology and training in how to facilitate the unleashing process for individuals, for leaders, managers and companies.

Who will benefit from Meta-Coach Training?

Meta-Coaching is for anyone who is passionate about supporting others in making a permanent positive change, and who wants to be at the forefront of human development and cognitive science. Specifically, Meta-Coaching is ideal for:

  • Trainers, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers, Therapist, Teachers and Individuals committed to personal development
  • Professionals in Human Resource Management
  • New and Experienced Coaches

Minimum pre-requisite training

Candidates are required to complete the following courses before attending Associate Certified Meta-Coach training.

Pre-requisite 1:

Pre-requisite 2:


Dr. L. Michael Hall, PH.D.

Neuro-Semantics Executive Director 

The co-founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-CoachTM Foundation (MCF), Michael, is the Academic Director and Researcher for the MCF and has authored and published more than 50 books. He is a developer, researcher, coach, international trainer and prolific author in the Cognitive Sciences. He has developed the most cutting-edge new concepts in NLP and NS today, the Meta-States Model, Matrix Model, and co-developed the Axes of Change Model.

Michael Hall


Course Details  (Updated on 9/10/2019)

Date :  8-15 December, 2019 <8-day>  (Sunday - Sunday)  

Time :  9:00am – 9:00pm (80 hours)

Venue : 17/F, Tower A, China Life Center, One Harbour Gate, 18 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon. (香港九龍,紅磡,紅鸞道18號,中國人壽中心,A座17樓C室)

Language :  English (Teaching materials are mainly in English)

Target :  Social workers, counselors, psychologists, health-care professionals, teachers, police officer and judicial personnel, as well as allied professionals.

Course Mode :  Lecture, group discussion, sharing, role play & practice

Course Fee :  HK$32,000-

Accreditation :

  • Nurse (CNE): To be confirmed
  • Social Worker (CPD): 80 points 
  • Occupational Therapist (CPD): To be confirmed

Certificate: Achieve the Status of an ACMC (Associate Certified Meta-Coach): Participants who have attended 100% of the sessions and have completed all performance assessment in according with the standards of ACMC will receive the ACMC Certification as a Meta-Coach. (The certificate is an International Certificate that associates you with a thousand other Meta-Coaches around the world) 

Registration :

  1. Payment by Cheque: Please send completed registration form with a cross cheque payable to “Hong Kong Society of Professional Training” to 202-204A, Two Harbourfront, Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  2. Payment by Bank-in: Please bank in the course fee to our bank account with “Bank of China (HK) Ltd“, A/C: 012-890-1-038-682-9, please send the completed enrollment form and bank-in slip to us by email (PDF) or by FAX: 852-2125 7900. We will confirm through email within 1 week, please contact us if you did not receive any confirmation.
  3. Macau Payment: Please click this link for details
  4. Overseas payment: Click Here to contact us.

Important Notes:

  1. The course confirmation will be sent to participants via email at least 2 weeks before the course, please contact us if you do not receive any notification.
  2. Once a registration is completed, it will be processed and cannot be refunded for any reasons. All requests for any change of registration must be given in writing. An administration fee of HK$200-will be charged for any processing request.
  3. Official receipt will be issued on the first day of the course. Re-issue of official receipt will be charged HK$50-
  4. The personal data provided on this form will only be used for processing of registration.

For enquiry: Please contact our staff at 3111 0264 or Click Here to contact us.

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